Affordable windows web hosting

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Who are we?

We are the leading Web hosting providers in the world and we can even give you a Tech as well as customer support in multi-language. We can offer you both domain and host in multiple packages with a better service than what you have experienced so far.

  • 24/7 Full Support
  • Advanced SSD Storage
  • RDP Access
  • Install Software/Custom Application
  • Upgrade server Resources
  • Unlimited Website Host
  • Unlimited Database Host
  • Increate Ip
  • Manage Firewall
  • Secured Databases
  • Worldwide Services
  • Assured Speed
  • Numerous Domains
  • Endless Bandwidth
  • SQL Databases
  • Ideal Protection
  • Unlimited Space
Web Hosting
better choice for your web hosting

Why is Domain and Web Hosting Important today?

EEver since the internet knocks on the doors of the modern world, the demands of the e-commerce websites and other commercial websites are arising by every day. Domain name and web hosting are basically like a physical address and name of your online business portals.

There are so many registrar companies in the world who are doing offering domain registration and web hosting but sometimes it gets hard to judge the real one among the fake one.

How are we a better choice for your web hosting?

We offer multiple options when it comes to web hosting and clients can make the better decisions as per their needs and budget. Apart from this, there are few other advantages that you will get when you hire us for the web hosting service provider:-

  • You will get a 99.99% uptime and this is what we don’t claim as we are delivering this to thousands of clients.
  • Fully secure data and 100% safe business with our web hosting.
  • 100% compatible with all the top CMS like Wordpress, Joomla, Opencart, Drupal and many others.
  • Best price in the market when you compare it with our services and all.
  • Free Database, C-panel, and many other control features.
  • No Hidden Charges.
  • Free Tech & Customer support.
  • Free Emails and many other related services.

There are many other features that can be defined or discuss it with us before buying our services. Feel free to contact our customer care services so that we can offer you the better services to you.

Robust control

Get the full control with the flexibility of Parallels Plesk Panel, IIS (Internet Information Services), Microsoft SQL Server 2012 R2, and a wide variety of other hosting features.

Daani Web server services include the full control of TP accounts and email addresses. Additional unlimited features include MySQL, Microsoft SQL, and Access Databases.

Affordable windows web hosting

cPanel Control Panel

Daily, weekly and monthly backups

SSD database storage /

1 GBps Port Speed


SSD database Highly Secure