About Us

One of the Leading online store platform

Our company mission is to make the direct bridge between the wholesalers, retailers, and final consumers. Myonlinestore covers both products and service based industries and this is what helps us to stand out from the crowd.

Our company mission and vision are to offer high end online ecommerce services to clients at the most affordable rates so that they can reach to the final consumers all over the world even in a situation like a lockdown.

We cover worldwide clients with different sectors like FMCG, Sports, Electronics, and much more.

With the support of Myonlinestore.live you can instantly start, sell, manage and grow, using our suite of offerings like payments, free online store, logistics, credit, and financing, and more, across mobile & web.

Who we are

DAANI IT is a leading provider of enterprise, web based and readymade software solutions. Our Enterprise/Professional Management System solutions allow customers to manage the entire lifecycle of enterprise/professional content from creation to disposition.

DAANI Software provides an integrated platform for Companies that enable them to address critical professional needs, such as business management, information management, professional continuity, compliance and risk mitigation.

Features of our online store builder

Design, E-commerce Management, Checkout, Shipping & Tax, Products / Category, Orders, Marketing, SEO & Analytics | Vendor, security, Mobile apps, Technology and much more, get more details on online website store builders features here.

In case you are looking for more details then just follow the link to drop your query or get in direct touch with our team contact@myonlinestore.live or give us a call at +91 700-763-3090, +91 892-499-1414